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Treatment Services

California Varicose Vein and Vascular employ Board-Certified surgeons who are fellowship-trained in vascular and endovascular surgery who can utilize the full range of treatment options, especially newer methods that cannot be found at standard varicose vein clinics. 

When it comes to vascular disease, vascular surgeons have the required expertise to support a successful outcome. They are the only physicians trained and equipped to treat vascular disease with medication, surgical procedures, and minimally invasive endovascular techniques. 

California Varicose Vein and Vascular

Specialized center for the assessment and treatment of varicose veins
Offers a comprehensive range of care for all kinds of vascular problems
Utilizes the latest equipment and most modern techniques to assess and treat varicose veins
Focuses clinical expertise in the vascular system, or arteries and veins, by medical therapy, minimally-invasive catheter procedures, and surgical reconstruction

Arterial Disorders
 1. Aortic Aneurysm
2. Aortic Dissection
3. Critical Limb Ischemia
4. Thrombosed Arteries
5. Peripheral Artery Disease
6. Renal stenosis or occlusion

Limb Salvage  

1. Angioplasty
2. Stenting
3. Bypass graft
4. Acellular Matrix Treatment
5. Wound V.A.C. Therapy
7. Angiography
8. Gait lab for off-loading gait training,
   pre prosthetic and post prosthetic 
   training with physical therapist

Dialysis Access  

1. Arteriovenous fistula and graft
2. Monitoring of fistula maturity
3. Peritoneal dialysis catheters
4. Pre-operative vein mapping to promote the Center for Medicare Services "Fistula First Initiative"
5. Post-operative flow volume 
6. Maturity assessment and maintenance
7. Fistulagram
8. Venogram
9. Balloon Plasty
10. Stent Placement

Venous Disorders  

1. Deep venous thrombosis
2. Filter placement to prevent pulmonary thromboembolism
3. Venous insufficiency/ Varicose Vein
4. Thrombophlebitis
5. Venous Reflux Studies for varicose vein
6. Radio frequency ablation for the safe 
    and effective treatment of varicose veins
7. Sclerotherapy
8. Prescription compression stockings

*Individual results may vary depending on varicose vein severity, disease progression, skin tone, and number of treatments. Protocol: Asclera Injection

Uncomplicated Spider Veins Treatments*

Uncomplicated Reticular Veins Treatments*